Why use LinkedIn ?

Many people have really promising and interesting statuses and projects, but due to a lack of awareness, these companies struggle to take off. Fortunately, LinkdIn was created to get around this problem. From now on, it is possible to highlight the specializations of your companies as well as your professional background. By doing so, you will gain more customers. Let's discover LinkdIn together. 

LinkedIn, the best tool to find and attract customers 

LinkedIn is extraordinary for social selling. Social selling with LinkedIn is using the network to target, search and find your prospects. For more information, visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/raphco/?originalSubdomain=il, this page will give you more details. 

But not only that, it is also about promoting your expertise, your content to position yourself with your target, which will identify you as a reference in your market. Today, many customers in need go to this platform, because it is reliable to find people or companies that meet their criteria and their needs. 

Thus, being listed in the vast catalog of LinkdIn will already make you gain credibility and notoriety which will naturally attract customers, as they will have a certain confidence in you. 

Best tool to develop your professional community 

With many marketing tools like storytelling, LinkedIn gives you all the space you need to produce content that will evoke emotion and engagement from your readers. Since this platform is like a showcase that contains your background, your skills and your field of activity, it is easy to add new elements as you evolve. 

The more quality content you add, the more interested your readers will be and the more you will attract recruiters, collaborators or new clients. This way, your professional community will be built up little by little. LinkdIn is one of the best tools today to promote your career path and also to find clients and gain credibility and notoriety. Give it a try.