Washington has warned that Microsoft hacking portends dangerous tech threats

US officials have warned that hacking of Microsoft servers is a serious issue. They have advised all firms to carry out security checks on their systems to know if they are affected.

Microsoft hacking a cause of concern - Washington 

The US government has said it is concerned about the hack that happened in Microsoft which was blamed on the Chinese government. According to the press secretary to the White House, Jen Psaki, '' This threat is real and everyone using these servers should be concerned. It doesn't matter if you are in the private or public sector, things need to be done carefully.

Last week, Microsoft accused hackers of using some tools to attack their servers. They also said, it isn't just their servers but some US firms may be greatly affected. America has long accused Beijing of various acts of internet spying which Chinese officials have denied repeatedly. Miss Psaki told the media that they were very concerned that many people are affected and that cyber espionage is on the rise. 

Companies should carry out deep security checks - white House 

According to her, the extent of the hack cannot be quantified as it has far-reaching consequences. On the weekend, America's national security council stated that it is important that all firms using servers should do routine checks to know if they have been affected or not. Last Friday, Microsoft chief Tim Burt said that there were breaches in their security serves from hackers suspected to have links to China.

The firm intelligence outfit said the attacks were likely state - "sponsored due to the high level of attacks". Hafnium was named as the chief perpetrators and of trying to steal medical researchers and vaccines.  The group was also accused of hacking into law companies, schools, and other research officers. An official from China has denied claims that they have anything to do with it. He said China doesn't sponsor such acts.

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