Visitax receipt in Quintana: 3 quick steps in obtaining it

Quintana is a state full of various tourism sites with fantastic view and attractive places to visit. In April 2021, the state of Quintana established a new tourism tax applicable to all foreigners and visitors. Therefore, if you are planning on visiting this state anytime from now, you have to pay your tax and obtain your valid visitax receipt. Follow the steps structured here for this purpose.

Tourism tax online form

The payment of tourism tax fixed by the state of Quintana in Mexico is a most pay for all visitors without age distinction. But firstly, you have to visit the online website of the Quintana agency in charge of tourism tax payment. And for you to do this, visit
This link will direct you to the agency platform where you will see the form to fill. Now, complete your online application form by filling in your names, your passport number, your age and lastly your email address. Try your best not to make any mistake while filling the form.

Payment aspect

Once you are through with the application form, proceed to payment. This is even more important because if payment Is not made, you won’t be able to access Quintana. The important thing here is the payment security in order to avoid scams. The secured modes that are available are credit cards and PayPal account.
You have the choice to choose the easiest way for you and to ensure that payment will be delivered to the right receptor. You can use your visa card, or Mastercard if you have, and any other bank card listed in the website payment secure page.

Your unique QR Code

The last step in obtaining your visitax receipt in Quintana is the reception of your unique QR Code. The code will be sent to the email address you mentioned in the form you filled. That’s why you should not by any mains put in a wrong email. Failure to do this, all your efforts will just be forfeited.
You will receive the unique QR Code in your mail an hour after the payment is successful. This code stands as your visitax receipt that you will present as payment prove to anyone who asks.