Tips for personalising a gift

Giving a gift to a loved one on a special occasion is a remarkable gesture. It shows the person that they are important to you. You can buy them something at the market and wrap it. But you can do even better by giving them a personalised gift. Read here some tips on how to make a unique gift personalization.

Use photos of memories

One of the best ideas for a personalised gift is indeed the use of memory photos. Take your old photos in which the loved one appears. Prioritise photos of strong moments more. These can be photos taken at special and unique events. Simply create a photo album in which you will group your memory photos. You can find other interesting ideas for personalising gifts from this source. Put your old photos in the album. Childhood photos can also be put in the album. As photos of great moments, you can put those taken on the occasion of graduation or the beginning of university. You can also put photos of an event.

Personalization by flocking

This personalisation is a very common technique. Personalization by flocking is already popular but still effective. It consists of printing writings or images on clothes. It is up to you to find the words that will touch your loved one and to have them printed. But you can also opt for image printing. Or you can caption the image with a small text of attention to your loved one. Choose an appropriate item of clothing. For example, you can buy a sports shirt. Print his name and the number of his favourite player on it.

Personalise the packaging

Already, to give your loved one an idea about the type of gift you are giving them, the packaging already tells them about the contents. The appearance of the packaging can itself be a surprise to your loved one if it is well personalised. You can put a small photo of the person in question in the corner of the package. Write on the package the date you are giving it and the occasion. Leave some stickers on it and don't forget to put a small quote appropriate to the occasion.