The wedding ring: how to shape it?

The love you feel for your partner is intense, so you decide to get married. Indeed, whoever speaks of marriage, speaks of the wedding ring without which the marriage will not take place. As the wedding ring is paramount for a wedding, find out in this article how to fashion it.

The various kinds of wedding rings

The wedding ring is the symbol of a union between two people. Indeed, it is necessary that you know the various kinds of wedding rings to make a wise choice. So we have the classic wedding rings and the fantastic ones. For more details, click for source. In fact, the classic wedding ring also comes in various shapes. Indeed, the latter can be in the shape of a ring, a half-ring and a ribbon. Each of these shapes is special, and their specialities lie in the inner and outer shape of the ring. The fantasy ring is made of pure metal, as can be seen in the various brushed or interlaced rings. All in all, the judicious choice of your wedding ring is thus up to you.

The elements needed to shape your wedding ring

Shaping your wedding ring is not such an easy task, it is essential to know, the necessary elements that you need, to shape your wedding ring. Thus, to make your wedding ring, you will need to gather as basic elements: platinum, gold, palladium, titanium and silver

The various stages of making your wedding ring

Once you have gathered the elements for making your wedding ring, there are a few steps to making it. First, you must melt the platinum or gold at your disposal to bring the metal to its molten state which you will pour into a mold that will give it an elongated shape. Then you have to extract the product from the mould and cool it with water, which will then be shaped with a rolling mill. Afterwards, you have to heat it up in order to shape the body of the ring, check the circumference of the finger and personalise your wedding ring.