Roger Federer debunks retirement rumors

Tennis great, Roger Federer has dismissed claims that he will retire soon. The Swiss said that he still has many years to play on the courts. 

Roger Federer rejects retirements claims 

The Switzerland-born tennis maestro has rejected claims that he was considering retiring from the sport. Rumors have been flying around that due to the over a year absence from the courts. He said that he never considered leaving the sport at all. The 21-time grand slam tennis champion will be competing in Qatar this week.

This will be Roger's first tour since he lost to Serbian Novak Djokovic last year in Melbourne. 

'' I laugh when I hear rumors that I will retire soon because I am close to 40, however, this isn't true as my story isn't completed yet. I still have some years left ''

 The 39-year-old has been battling with injuries for some time. He is due to play against Dan Evans or Jeremy Chardy.

 '' I have just come back from injury and training hard to become fit. I am sure with some few practices, I will get back to shape '' Roger stated.

Roger said he needs some practice after a long injury 

He also said he isn't up there yet, but before Wimbledon, he should be back fully. Federer has been battling an Initial Arthroscopic survey on his knees since January. He hasn't been at his best in recent times and has continued to move from one rehab center to another.

It seems as if age is telling on the tennis pro. Roger Federer has said that he feels he can still compete at the top under 'fair' conditions. '' Playing top their tennis has always motivated me and I will love to keep playing for a while. I still have that zeal to continue playing, and I can compete against any player on a good day. '' He said.