Inflatable pool: what are the steps to install it

Don't have the means or infrastructure to install a conventional pool? You still have the option of enjoying the good times by getting one of the many inflatable pool models that exist on the market. For its installation, there is no need to worry. The installation of an inflatable pool is relatively simple. All you need to do is follow the right steps.

Defining the space to accommodate the structure

Before you begin any procedure to set up your inflatable pool, it is essential to define the location where it will be installed. The choice of this location depends on several parameters that you can see here now . However, the most important element is the nature of the land. Generally, it is recommended to opt for a place a little far from vegetation and trees. This is to minimize the amount of work involved in cleaning the inflatable pool. In addition, it is also advisable that the place where the structure is to be installed is exposed to the sun in order to benefit from the warmth provided by the latter. The size as well as the shape of the pool are also determining elements in the choice of the ideal location in order to easily place the filtration pump and the ladder.

Paving the ground

This step is essential because it ensures that no element present on the ground will pierce the liner and ensures the stability of the pool. To do this, the area where the inflatable pool will be installed must be properly cleaned. Branches and leaves should be removed. If it is possible, consider installing a tarp or extruded polystyrene sheets on the ground before placing the structure on top.

Proceed with pond assembly

If it is a self-supporting model, the first thing to do is to unfold the liner on the already prepared space, making sure to position the filtration holes in relation to the pump. Then you will have to inflate the liner with an electric pump, a hand pump or a foot pump.