How to create a website design agency portfolio

To show the quality of its services, it is essential for your agency to create a portfolio. It allows you to describe or illustrate what you provide to your client as a service. It is often complicated to set up by some agencies. So, here is an itinerary to follow in order to establish a portfolio for a web design agency.

Showcase your own projects

When creating your portfolio, it's important to carefully choose the projects you want to include, you can click on news for more information. It's not good to insert ones you're not particularly proud of, information. It is recommended to include relevant work that is most related to your design and the graphic universe. The portfolio should be updated according to your progress. It is important to take care of the first and last page. Many people forget that professionals remember more the last page or the things they have seen lately. So you need to be able to maintain consistency throughout your portfolio.

Build portfolios around your clients

When you decide on a portfolio design you need to be able to do it based on the client that comes to you. This allows you to be more specific and show agencies or professionals the work you have done specifically in their area of work. This method is a plus when it comes to invitations to tender. You will only have to send the portfolio that corresponds to the request without thinking about creating another one. It is the main way to reassure your future employers. Moreover, although it is true that the digital portfolio is very present today, it is also important to have a paper portfolio that you will be able to give directly to your appointment sessions.