How to choose a bathroom toilet?

To make the best choice of toilet, you must first define your needs and expectations. This will allow you to know which model will suit you. However, there are several toilet models on the market. In this article, we offer you a list of the different types of bathroom toilets and their specificity.

List of bathroom toilets available on the market

The floor-standing toilet is the most traditional. It is installed on the floor on its bowl. These kinds of toilets are less chosen today, because of the novelties that are present on the market. But they are still a great value and can meet your needs and expectations. There are several models of free-standing and very stylish toilets that can meet all tastes. To find out how to install a free standing bathroom toilet, check this. Very modern and practical, wall-hung toilets have it all. They are suspended from the wall thanks to a support frame. Its bowl does not lie on the floor in the bathroom. This makes it stand out from other toilet models. In third place, we have the macerating toilet. They grind waste with a device that can be installed behind any toilet. However, it requires electrical power to operate. This makes it less convenient than other toilets. Apart from this condition, you cannot use it to make yourself comfortable. In last place, we have the washing toilet. It filters out odours, making you feel very comfortable. Its drying function allows you to use less toilet paper.

Choose the toilet that gives you more comfort

When choosing your toilet, think about your comfort first. Install a model that will meet your expectations and needs. Speaking of another choice criterion, check the size that fits you perfectly. A size that will limit your efforts at any time you feel the need to get comfortable. Finally, among these different toilet models, choose what suits you according to your expectations and needs. The free-standing toilet is the most classic and least economical.