How do you create an impactful lost dog poster?

Imagine the pain of losing a loved one. But for lost dog owners, this pain is coupled with uncertainty. They focus on finding a lead to find the missing one. Here are some tips on how to make a good poster

 The essentials that must be included

Just like an identity card, the poster you want to create in the search for a missing dog must contain information. Indeed, they are put there to make it easy for the passer-by who may have information to give you. So you need to:

- Put the key words in bold: Placed on a wall in town, your words, put in bold, will undoubtedly attract the attention of those passing by. For example, the word "attention" in bold on any medium always catches our attention.


- Insert a picture of your dog: images not only attract our attention more quickly, but also stay with us longer. You should therefore rely on a good image (preferably in high resolution) to stimulate interest.


- Notify your contact details: with a bit of luck, a tourist might see your companion and be kind enough to let you know.

Also, the billboard you use after creating your poster should be unique. It is advisable to avoid rain or wind spoiling your efforts.

 The software to use

Once you have decided on the information you want to put on your poster, it is now time to decide which software to use to make it look better. While there are plenty of design software on the internet, it is all the more certain that they differ in value.  So:

- if you are a beginner and you like simplicity, you have at your disposal tools like: Adobe spark; canva; visme.


- If you are thinking of applying yourself to the creation of your poster; Stencil and crello are excellent software.


- If you have experience with design software and feel the need to make a poster that will clearly show your images; choose Design Cap or MyCreativeShop. They both have advanced features.