Hope for Americans brightens as the US sees more employment opportunities

Recent figures have shown that more businesses are employing in the first quarter of the year. The results are positive news as the government hopes to deal with the economic situation. 

More jobs available for US citizens in March 

More businesses are employing in the US since March 1st as infection rates drop drastically. The vaccine administration seems to be affecting the economy positively as more people become bold with investments. Most entertainment sectors like bars, restaurants, and clubs are gradually open for business which has seen them take more staff. 

The figures indicated 380,000 jobs since February, which is a huge surge and offers noticeable gains. This is greater than what financial analysts forecast, however it hasn't affected the percentage of jobless citizens. The jobless percentage remains at 6.4% which reflects that millions are still not employed because of the pandemic. This phenomenon is crucial as it gives a boost to the labor market in the country.

According to Brian Coulton, top economist, various sectors are gradually opening up and many will in recent months. 

'' Sectors like entertainment and leisure have been the most affected by the gains in employment. This is especially the private sector as lockdowns are gradually eased. If you remove those sectors, gains are not that seen.''

More business to employ staffs as economy resurrects

Asides from these sectors, the retail and advertising industry have also seen a minimal increase in job opportunities. Stimulus aids have been given to many individuals in the country to help them survive the pandemic. There is a $300 monthly pandemic issued to qualifying citizens. It is expected that the new stimulus scheme proposed by the President Biden administration will address more of these issues. 

However, there are problems though about aids to be given to sectors like transport. Stakeholders have said the government needs to pump more capital into these sectors to prevent them from going under.