Discover Soho, the company creating personal or shared office space

Do you need a collaborative space, home office, open-space, coworking, flex-office or management ? Coworking furniture stands out from traditional furniture and provides organizational solutions for new workspaces. The objective is to create a collaborative or informal space to correspond to new working methods. Soho is at your disposal and will be able to offer you spaces adapted to your needs.

Management layout

In a company, it is important that the management office is well laid out, it is a hierarchical and image indicator of the company with the external public, but not only. For more information, visit this site Furnishing a management office must go through sound insulation (avoiding noise pollution, guaranteeing confidentiality, preserving privacy, etc.), but also through a good organization of the space allowing a considerable saving of time for the Manager, because every minute is precious and time is money

Collaborative development or coworking

Coworking (or co-working) means “working together”, it refers to sharing offices with other companies or other workers. It is a growing flexible work organization method that Soho offers you and which reflects autonomy and collaboration and which promotes exchanges, creativity and innovation. This new way of working is totally in line with the new generations of workers who greatly appreciate this type of environment. At Soho, involvement and creativity are clearly highlighted. Work is changing, with new ways of looking at things. We no longer want to spend our days in simple offices, but in adapted workspaces such as coworking. We are increasingly looking to feel a bit like home (environment 2.0), in a serene and well-being space. For companies, coworking is a way to facilitate exchanges, reduce stress, costs and absenteeism. Soho brings a certain importance to best meet the expectations of today’s and tomorrow’s workers with its coworking furniture.

The benefits of coworking

Coworking furniture provides three major solutions : acoustic comfort, well-being and flexibility. Acoustic comfort can be brought by the various alcoves or acoustic bubbles which make it possible to capture the sound and to propose confidential spaces or informal meetings. As far as well-being is concerned, it is provided by the comfort and aesthetics of collaborative furniture close to the living environment. Flexibility, for its part, is brought about by the agility and modulation of these arrangements.