Chinese Minister dismiss Uighur genocide claims

The foreign affairs minister in China has debunked insinuations that the government maltreats minority Muslims. He said Western nations believe in lies spread and that nothing like that happened. 

China rejects Uighur Muslims abuse claim 

The foreign minister of China has described suggestions that China carries out genocide against Uighurs Muslims as baseless and untrue. Minister Wang Yi said it is completely false that the top world nation of Chinese stature would carry out violence against minorities.

Some western nations like the United States said the treatment of the Uighur Muslims was bad and very disappointing. US governments based their claims on some evidence of abuse the Asian country has continued. There have been abuses at camps around the Xinjiang region of the country. Media reports have claimed that the Chinese government has carried out massive coerced sterilization on the female population of the Uighurs. The report also said many children have been separated from their parents.

Top BBC media personalities have said there was evidence to suggest these minorities are being used in forced labor and other sexual abuses. Because of this story, the Chinese have suspended BBC World News television for 'baseless' accusations towards the country. A United Nations report states that nothing less than a million members of the Uighur minorities are in several camps in China. 

Beijing says people trained in vocations to stop extremists ideas 

The country has rejected such claims but said that vocational training of all kinds was given to them, and they were helped to reduce extremism. However, both the present and ex-UN secretary said there was genocide going on in the region. Canada and Dutch lawmakers have called for a deeper investigation into the matter. 

The allegations of this gross abuse have made many Civil society groups call for a total boycott of the 2022 Olympics in Beijing. The minister claims that western countries didn't do enough research but have taken the wrong position.

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